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    Please never rely on them. Especially if your assignment is higher rank. I asked them to provide me with codes for my two lab assignment for me to write a report. When I got the solution, HOLY GEE, it shocked me when I found out the solution was not correct. Plus my tutor didn’t follow the direction as mentioned in the paper so I had to do it all again!!!!! The representative told me he/she was going to fix them but it turned out that’s not the case; my tutor kept returning my message with useless arguin such as “I used r-package, instead following the directions in the paper, what’s wrong with that??” over and over. By that, he/she tried to cover my mouth until the due date of my request so he could be free from my assignment w/o any troubles. Once my assignment was removed from their dash board, I realized why he kept sending me those meaningless messages instead ignoring them. I was really disappointed by how they acted to my request. Never go back!!!! Wasting money and your time!!!!!


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