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If you’re out looking for a custom essay writing service that can help you to achieve the grades you deserve, or simply to lighten your workload, so you can concentrate on other things in your life, you may have come across ABC Assignment Help.

Like most essay writing services, the initial impressions of the website are high, professional, and trustworthy. However, today we’re going head into the depths of the service to answer the question of is ABC Assignment Help legit with its claims and will help you for the best price?


Using the Services tab in the navigation menu, you can figure whether the service you’re looking for is available, or whether you’ll have to take your business elsewhere. There are about 20+ services in total, and while many of the basic services are covered, there are plenty missing, such as presentations and reviews. review

However, there are numerous niche services that are available here, such as Perdisco Assignment Help, which I’ve not seen on other websites.


While there are only a select few reviews on the website, these have to be deemed illegitimate since there are no dates, and they really don’t provide that much information about the service. However, there is a samples page where you can judge the content quality for yourself.

Unfortunately, the sample collection is limited to around seven samples, none of which are really relevant to the majority of people, and there are several problems such as bad spelling, and sentences that lack flow and structure.

Prices at Abc Assignment Help

It’s unfortunate to say that there is also no dedicated pricing page to be found anywhere on the website, making it hard to find a quote for how much your assignment is going to cost. As it turns out, you’ll need to submit your email address, the information relating to your assignment, and then login for a price will be emailed to you.

abc assignment help list of services

However, I dislike this way of operation because there’s no telling how they are pricing your content, and it could be different to everyone, and there’s no way of proving that your personal information will not be used for anything other than providing you with a quote.

There is also no sign of any discount codes or a coupon that can be applied to your quote, even for first-time or returning buyers. There’s no indication on currencies either, whether it’s AU, USD, GBP, or all the above.


If you’ve made a purchase, want to ask the company more questions before you commit to a purchase, or require a refund, you’ll need to get in touch with them. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can do this; most notably is the live chat option.

There is also an address for both the Australian and UK offices of the company and an email form for you to fill out. It doesn’t sound how long the reply will take though, and the live chat isn’t operational 24/7, all in all not providing a reliable service like you would expect.

Low quality samples available on website. Bad grammar & spelling mistakes in content. Doubtful collection of testimonials.
  • Rating - 3.3/10


To summarise, there is room for improvement where is concerned. While the service may be okay for basic services, there’s a certain level of credibility lacking that makes me warn you to take care when employing their services, making it more appropriate to find an alternative. review – Rated 3.3/10

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