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There’s plenty of writing services out there, so is the one that you should be using? After all, there are reports of some writing sites being less than reputable. Can you trust them with your essay? This review has everything you need to know.


There’s a small amount of services available from Rush Essay, when you take a look at their website. There’s essays assignments, dissertations, and specialist services like editing and proofreading. These are the services that most students need when they’re looking for writers, but it would have been nice to see a bigger array of services from them. review


You need a good essay from any service that you buy from. If they can’t provide that to you, then it isn’t worth your money. It’s blunt, but it’s true. That’s why it’s important to know about the quality of a writing service before you go with them.

Looking at past reviews and samples from this service, it seems to be something of a mixed bag. Some people were very ok with what they received, while others weren’t as impressed. They mentioned that their essays didn’t appear to be proofread before they were sent out, meaning students had to do that job themselves.


The price of your essay will vary, depending on what you need. As an example, a 2 page undergraduate essay, to be delivered within 10 days, will cost you $60.58 USD. You can get a discount on that order if you’re a new customer, but that’s still a very high price. It’s certainly much more than other sites in the area are charging. Considering the quality that you’re getting, you may want to think twice about paying this.

rushessay prices


If you need help with an order, or you’re thinking of ordering and have some questions, then you can get in touch with the customer support team. They’ll help with whatever questions you have. However, customers have found that they can be quite slow to answer. That means that if you’re in a rush, you may have to go elsewhere.

Extremely high prices for a sub standard quality of writing
  • Rating - 4.4/10


We have issues with the level of quality, and especially the high prices of RushEssay. You may be better off looking elsewhere for your essay, and getting a better reviewed service to handle your writing needs. review – Rated 4.4/10

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    This was first time I used writing services and it was a terrible experience. The document arrived 6 days after the deadline and was of very poor quality. And all of these after paying extra for premium level quality, top 10 writer and high priority. Whoever wrote it didn’t have any experience in the field and didn’t even try to understand paper description. Very disappointing especially considering rude customer service when after 5 days after the deadline I requested order cancelling and refund. Avoid the service and safe your money.

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      website claims to be US based, why would even try to order there? you know the academic requirements of US and AU are different, right? lol


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