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Assignment Helps keeps it simple. On their site, they promise that they can offer top quality Australian assignments, written by writers who are experts in their field. If you’re on the hunt for a company that can write an essay that will get you a top grade, they sound as though they know what they’re doing and can deliver that for you. Are they all what they’ve cracked up to be? This review will find out.


AssignmentHelps offers the full range of academic writing services, such as essay writing, dissertations, report writing, and term paper help. As an additional service, they offer a business plan writing service. As a soon to graduate student, perhaps that service is one that can be of a lot of use for you. Otherwise, the services on offer are pretty much what most academic writing companies can offer. review

Quality have plenty of five star reviews on the site from past customers, raving about the quality of the work and how it is worth the money. There are samples available on the site as well which back these claims up as legit, as they’re well written and referenced correctly. However, there aren’t an awful lot of examples to go on, and there’s a serious lack of samples from the sciences. A wider range of samples would show just how the service can write in a variety of styles, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.


On the site itself, it doesn’t appear to be possible to get an estimate of what your assignment will cost to be written. Instead, it asks for a lot of details in an online form, and promises to get back to you with a quote. If your deadline is creeping up, or you’re trying to compare several writing services, this isn’t the most intuitive way of getting a quote. If you do get a quote, it’s worth knowing that Assignment Helps does offer coupons. At the moment, there is a 15% discount code if you have an urgent order.


If you need quick support, there are two options available to you. There’s an email address you can contact AssignmentHelps on, or you can live chat with them directly. Both options offer links for both customer support and writing support, which is slightly confusing. After all, shouldn’t they be one and the same?

Mismatched quality and pricing
  • 2.6/10
    Rating - 2.6/10


The fact that you can’t get a price straight away is a major flaw in Assignment Helps service. Any student shopping around will discount straight away in order to go somewhere else because of uncertain quality and price.

If you are looking for an alternative, the top 5 services are a great choice for students in Australia. They have reasonable prices, and their writers are highly qualified in their subjects. You’ll be hard pressed to buy a better essay anywhere else. review – Rated 2.6/10

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    couldn’t get the price for my order just as reviews described.. then in turned out that the price is VERY expensive compared to other services, the language of support looked unprofessional, so I turned away to another service

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    Refused to provide revisions after delivering a very poor written essay

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    Terrible service. Another SCAM run by INDIAN people. I gave them a simple essay and they send me a total crap that was barely understandable. They only took my money and when asked for money back they blackmailed me.

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    Total crap, do not waste your time. Also they spam my email address even I unsubscribe


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