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Like most students, I sometimes find that there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’d either have to cut down on quality or miss a deadline, and so after asking some classmates how they coped, I decided to try out Assignment Prime.

Customer Service

Support Seems Available, But It’s Not
I felt really comfortable making my order with, as there was a toll free contact number, a whatsapp number, and an email address. Unfortunately, the number just led me to endless options with a robot, it took weeks to get a reply to my emails, and the whatsapp number was just never online. I wanted a refund for my account as I was so disappointed with the essay, but every time I’d log in/sign in the situation was the same, there was no support, and the website I’d assumed was safe started to feel like a scam. review


Impossible To Maintain
I had about a week before I needed my essay, which I thought was reasonable, but I noticed that they offered to do a whole 3000 word essay in one day. The price went up, but I should have realised that this service was not legit, as that order would be impossible to fulfil to a high standard. I should have cancelled my account then.


Average Cost for Below Average Standard
I was not able to hand in the essay  I received. That meant that the 25% discount they applied for no reason, despite not having a promotion code or anything was irrelevant. If you can’t use your order at school, then it’s not a good deal. I opted for a 5 day turnaround, and paid extra for a first class quality level, which came to $270 for my 3000 word essay. I thought this was reasonable, then realised they should have varied prices for subjects, and level of education – as medicine essays would be more expensive, as would a PhD or Master’s level. This was when I started to worry about quality.

assignment prime special price

Quality of Writers

Unprofessional and Unqualified
This website looks great, and they state that all of their writers have Master’s or PhD, which made me want to sign out. I think this might be illegal/legal advertising, as the paper I paid for, which I spent extra on for first class quality – did not appear to have been written by a native English speaker. It felt like a template that someone had filled in the blanks for, or an old essay that had been slightly modified. I was really worried about plagiarism, as I was convinced this was re-sold.

Unprofessional approach to writing and customer service
  • Rating - 2.3/10


I wanted to write a review for this as a way to warn other students who might feel desperate to avoid using this essay writing service at all costs. You’ll spend more time fighting with customer service and editing what they give you than you would just doing the paper. review – Rated 2.3/10

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    assignment prime and instant assignment help are same people!!!

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    Never trust them with your assignment. They are scammers running business to take money from students and deliver the worst quality of work. Unprofessional writers with no knowledge about the field. Multiple grammatical errors and no links between paragraphs. Can’t even do intext citations properly.



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