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When you need help with an essay, you’ve got a lot of different writing services to choose from. Are the people to turn to? this review will let you know if they’re legit.


When you take a look at the services available on the website, you’ll see that there’s a lot of academic writing services that you can take advantage of. For example, there’s dissertations, reports, and problem solving services that you can use. There aren’t, though, any additional writing services, such as resume writing. These are becoming popular with students, and it’s hard to see why they’re not included. review


Any writing service you work with needs to be able to write quality essays, every time. We took a look at what past customer reviews are saying, to get a feel for the quality Essay Corp are putting out. The results were mixed, to say the least. Some students say that they got essays that were good for what they needed. Others say that their writers didn’t actually have the experience they needed to write in their subject, leading to subpar essays. It does really seem to depend on the writer you get.


If you want a quote on your essay, you’ll need to fill in the form on the front page and give them your details. They’ll then come back to you with a quote. If you’re happy with the price, you can go ahead and pay half, to get the essay started. This is ok, but many other sites will give you a price calculator so you can see how much you should budget right away.

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Sometimes you’ll need help with your order, and that’s when the customer service team will come into play. They’re there to help at any stage of the ordering process, and they’re available 24/7. Be aware before you order, though, that the refund policy isn’t as clear as it should be. It has left some students without money they thought they were entitled to. Make sure you’re clear on the policy before you put that money down.

No prices available, average quality of writing
  • Rating - 3.8/10


Essay Corp is a service with roots in India, and if you order with them you’ll get an essay you can use in school or university, but the quality might be on average level. There are some minor problems, such as the refund policy and the way you get quotes. If these aren’t a concern for you, then you can go ahead and order. review – Rated 3.8/10

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    hello lady and gentlemen.. any information on essay corporation?

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    I have recently used there services. They literally copied a whole page from google and gave it to me. They are lying. I asked them multiple times to let know if the work is genuine and they swore to me that it is 100% genuine. I didn’t have to check anything just submitted the thing in google and a whole page came. I hate those scammers. They wasted my time and money.


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