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So, you’re trying to find a cheap yet reliable service to help you with your essays? It can sometimes be hard for Australian students to find a site that caters to you, one that isn’t a scam, that does produce good quality work, to give you the hand you need with your assignments. Today, we’re looking into to see how they measure up.


This site’s got a friendly-looking guy on the home page, coming to your rescue when you need help. But is legit? Their services look fairly typical, from essays to presentations and speeches, to coursework, creative writing, and business plans. review

We checked their terms of service and note that they do not have a refund policy. They do, however, have a free revisions policy if the paper isn’t up to your standards.


In order to truly give you that helping hand you need, Grade Scout’s quality has got to be up to snuff. First, we checked their site testimonials, but they only have two available, which are of course filled with praise. Second, we had a look over the text on the site itself. This is riddled with typos and odd usage of English, suggesting to us that the person who wrote that text wasn’t themselves a native speaker of English.

We also searched Google to see what other sites were saying about gradescout but didn’t find much of anything from customers to go on.

Prices at

Gradescout do require you to sign up to their site and login to an account before they will give you a quote for your essay. However, they state that prices start at $7 AUD per page, so a 10-page paper, if you have a distant deadline and are not at the highest educational levels, might cost you as little as $70 AUD. writers

There were also mentions of discounts codes and coupons, but we did not spot any of these on the site itself and suspect you may need to speak with the support team before they will give you a code.


GradeScout provide a Live Chat service anytime day or night, as well as a support toll-free phone number and email address. They are located in Sydney, Australia. However, they don’t have any social media connections, which is unusual in this day and age.

Website is not clear about pricing and actual assignment details that will be done
  • Rating - 4.8/10


To be frank, though Gradescout may seem okay on the surface, we’d advise looking elsewhere; alternative sites where the text is clearly written by someone who speaks English are much more likely to provide higher quality work. In addition, you should definitely have an idea of what you are going to pay before you sign up for an account. review – Rated 4.8/10

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