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Students have many reasons why they sometimes need a bit of help when it comes to their coursework, but which writing service in AU to go with is a whole other issue. Many students worry about picking the right service and trying to avoid the scam companies who are very convincing. We have taken that load off you by providing you with an honest review of Papers Owl, to help you in your search.

Is legit? Read on to find out more.


Papers Owl offer their services to Australian students on a range of papers. Whether you are needing help with your dissertation, research paper, essay or more, they are able to help you out. Students in Australia are also able to order a custom written essay or purchase a pre-written one. review


On their website, claim that they only produce well researched and written papers, so we did a bit of research to find out whether this was true.

We found some interesting information about their writers working for them on a freelance basis and therefore there will be no reviews for them. We also found out from some reviews that some of their writers do not speak great English and therefore the quality of the work is diminished


When we looked into PapersOwl to provide you with an example price, we were unable to find anywhere any information on their prices. As we are unable to find anything on their pricing strategy, we are unable to tell you whether they are cheap or expensive.

papers owl in stats

We also did not find any mention of any discount codes or coupons.


When we did some research into PapersOwl, we found very mixed reviews online. Some were pretty great but a lot were awful and said that they received papers filled to the brim with mistakes and had not been written by an English speaking person.


Not targeted for Australian academic writing
  • Rating - 5/10


As do not hire native English writers and therefore the quality of work is poor, we are unable to recommend them. Papers Owl claim that they are very deadline focused, however that seems about it. While keeping to deadlines is vital, it is not enough when the quality is poor.

You would be better off with an alternative AU service who is much more reliable and specifically targeted for Australia. review – Rated 5/10

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