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UK Writings is rated 9.3/10 which is better than most writing services of Australia.
Students highlight these positive sides of working with them:

UK-based service with highest standards of writing
all types of essays and academic papers covered
reasonable pricing for each paper and service
following UK/US/AU academic requirements

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UKWritings.com are a custom writing service based in Great Britain that also serve students in Australia. They are one of the longest running academic essay writing businesses on the go and in their time they have helped more Aussie students than you could ever hope to meet with their carefully tailored set of skills.


UK Writings offer the full breadth of services that you might expect from a custom writing service but they go a step further, offering not only help writing dissertations and essays but also working through your regular course-load of assignments. They have an editing and proofreading service that can improve the standard of your essay writing now and heading into the future but most importantly they have a rewriting service that will take whatever essay or assignment you were considering handing in and transform it into pure gold.

ukwritings.com review

I have seen their rewrites move an essay up by two whole grades. It goes beyond the technical skills and knowledge that you would expect from academic writers up to a whole new level.


The quality of the work that UKWritings offer is indisputable. Just having a quick look through the essays that are available as samples on their website shows a variety of subjects and treatments that goes above and beyond what you might expect. This is because of the care that this service seems to have taken in selecting their writers. Every member of staff has a Masters in the subject that they write about, with the vast majority holding a Doctorate level qualifications. These people have a knowledge of their subject that would put quite a few university lecturers to shame. Combining that knowledge with an array of writing skills that are developed and trained in-house makes for a legit writing service of the highest quality I have seen.


For an Aussie student money is always going to be tight. With that in mind we ran a sample essay through UK Writings’ price calculator to see if we couldn’t come up with the best price for a custom written essay. What we discovered was a price that was about average.

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You can expect to pay about $19.50 per page at the university level assuming you only give them 14 days notice. If you can give them more time to work then the price gradually reduces, so be sure to plan ahead when you are scheduling their services. The important thing to remember about the price is that it includes a lot of options that other writing services charge you additional fees for like a plagiarism report, formatting and a bibliography.


Discount codes can reduce the price of UKWritings services even more. There is a voucher that reduces the cost of your first order from them by a whopping 16%. The more that you use their services, the more of a discount you accrue. Creeping gradually up to a constant reduction of 15% on all future orders. If you are smart about things and order your work well ahead of time these rates become some of the best in the business.


From start to finish you get the full support of a customer service team. The individual writer that you are paired with keeps you informed with regular updates and you can amend the information that you have provided to them at any time. The last line of defense is their legit quality assurance team who fact check and proof read every piece of work before it is set loose on the world.

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Every essay, assignment and dissertation that UKWritings provide come with a set of guarantees that should set even the most nervous shopper’s mind at ease. Every piece of work comes with a plagiarism test sheet proving its originality and you are promised infinite revisions until you are satisfied.

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Users Review

You can find many user reviews on the testimonials page of UKWritings.com but most of them are based in the United Kingdom, for obvious reasons. After raking through all of those glowing reviews I found a few from Australian students that were just as positive.

Reliable service from United Kingdom
  • Rating - 9.3/10


I would recommend UKWritings to any Aussie student that doesn’t have the time to mess about. They take the information that you give them and produce the best quality work possible in the time that you give them.

Ukwritings.com review – Rated 9.3/10

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    Good writers from UK, very glad I picked these guys

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    ukwritings is the best option if you are looking for papers written in uk english style

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    It’s 4th place in rating of Australian services, but it’s actually one of the top services in United Kingdom. I think it should take a higher rank!

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    this one is legit folks

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    found It absolutely helpful and it has aided me out loads


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