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Boom Essays is rated 9.5/10 which is better than most writing services of Australia.
Students highlight these positive sides of working with them:

reputable US company with US and AU writers
various types of assignments covered
prices starting at $12.99
following AU academic requirements

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Boom Essays dedicate themselves, it says on their website, to making Australian students’ lives easier. They recognise that most students lead busy lives, and when assignments get piled on them at university, they often just don’t have time to complete them all. This is where they step in and take some of the pressure off, by offering their academic writing services. In this review, we’ll find out just what they offer, and whether they’re the people to turn to when you need your essay written, fast.


Boom Essays LLC offer a wide range of academic writing services. Their writers can tackles essays, articles, dissertations, research papers, and almost anything else that you can throw at them. They also offer proofreading and editing services, if you’re short of time or lacking the skills to do them efficiently yourself.

boom essays review
If you’re based in Australia, you may feel put off about the fact they’re based in the US, but fear not. They have strong ties with Australia, and can complete assignments that will easily pass muster there.


BoomEssays offers a range of samples on the site for any potential customer to peruse. We took a look, and saw that there was a wide range of samples covering different subjects and essay types. This was encouraging, as it meant that any student could come and find an essay that would show them what theirs could look like.

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this company is among top 5 writing services of Australia

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We checked some out, and saw that their writers really are as good as they say they are. The structure and referencing were excellent, and the subject knowledge on show was sound.


To get a sample price, we used the price calculator boomessays.com offers, which is a useful tool for getting a quote on your work quickly. We asked for a 10 page essay, due in ten days, for a college freshman. At $21.29 AUD per page, it worked out at $199.62. That price is very reasonable for academic writing, and reflects the quality of the work that a customer would receive.


If you’re someone who likes getting a good coupon or discount code, you’ll do well with Boom Essays. As a first time customer, you’ll receive a 15% discount just for choosing them. Then, if you carry on working with them, you get more bigger discounts depending on how many pages total you’ve ordered. You’ll get a 5% lifetime discount once you hit 15 pages, 10% after 50, and 15% after 100 pages. It’s not a bad deal at all, especially if you use them through your entire academic career.

boom essays discounts


If you need to get in touch with the BoomEssays team, there’s two quick ways of doing so. You can either call them on their hotline, or you can use the live chat function on the website. Both are quick and almost instant ways of getting answers to any questions you may have.


So, how do you know that Boom Essays are legit in what they do? They offer several assurances that the work they do is high quality, secure, and with you the student in mind. Once you’ve received your work, you’ll receive limitless free amendments depending on your needs. They also guarantee that your essay or information will never be sold on to third parties. Overall, you’ll be safe and secure working with them.

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User reviews

If you want to hear from past customers, boomessays.com have a testimonials page. The reviews there were overwhelmingly positive, talking about how the service had helped them submit papers that passed with flying colours. There’s reviews from several Aussie students too, letting you know that they can handle assignments from Australia with ease.

High quality writing services
  • Rating - 9.5/10


So, all in all, do we recommend Boom Essays? The answer is yes. We’ve reviewed a lot of academic writing services, and theirs is one of the most professional we’ve come across. What convinced us was the quality of their academic writing, which of course is most important. If you were to submit any of the samples given to a university, they would be sure to get top grades.

The support around the writing service is great, too. The guarantees in place give you peace of mind that you’ll be getting the goods, and the discounts on offer make it worth making Boom Essays your go to writing service.

Boomessays.com review – Rated 9.5/10

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    I want to send you my award, thank you

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    they got writers from Australia and were able to write my assignment according to au standards

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    had some issues with my order, but it was managed well by their side, so I’m sticking to Boom Essays for my writing assignments for now

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    pretty good service even though rated #2

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    I like that they actually provide the whole range of academic services. Placed my first order, the quality is really fine, will be back for more in November!

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    I must say they have some high quality writers there

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    research paper 12 pages – ok!


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