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Different to a standard writing service, Rush Editing, as the name suggests, offers academic editing for Australian students or those studying in Australian education institutes.

Is Rush Editing legit? Are they a good choice for editing? Our review will reveal all.

The Services On Offer don’t write your paper for you. They take a paper written by you and polish it. They will fact check, improve the flow and structure of your paper and correct any spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. review

The Prices

The prices here vary wildly and are pretty inconsistent. For example, it’s cheaper to have your dissertation edited than a term paper. This sounds like a scam at worst, or at best, it’s a site that doesn’t understand the complexity of a dissertation.

They only give prices on their site for up to 700 words. Any more than that and you have to call them for a quote which is really annoying if you’re trying to compare the prices of several services at a glance.

They don’t offer discount codes or coupons, so the prices are set. At all most $30 for 500-700 words to be edited in a research paper, this service is far from cheap.

You will easily find alternative services that are cheaper.

The Quality

As the site doesn’t display any samples, it’s hard to gauge the quality of their work without getting a login and placing an order. This is a big risk when you can’t make any reviews of their work prior to ordering from them.

They don’t have a refund policy if you are unhappy with their work, so it’s a gamble – and not a cheap one.

The Support

To get your queries answered here, you have to submit a query form with no idea how long it will take them to get back to you. There is a number to call for orders over 700 words, but this is more of a sales line than support.

Only editing services, no samples of work, high prices as for editing
  • Rating - 2.9/10


For the prices Rush Editing charge, you would be able to hire an AU professional editor rather than using a site like this. You could hand select an editor with a proven track record and samples of their work. We recommend that you do this, as it will save you money and you are agreed quality work if you choose the right editor for your assignment. review – Rated 2.9/10

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