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X Essays is rated 9.1/10 which is better than most writing services of Australia.
Students highlight these positive sides of working with them:

well-know US company with AU writers as option
covering all types of essays
$85 worth features included in each order for free
following AU academic requirements

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X-Essays are an American essay writing company that provide essay writing services for students all over the world including Australia. Unlike other companies that have a regular bank of writers that they rely on, X-Essays.com are constantly expanding their network of freelance academic writers so that they have somebody suitable for every niche.


X-Essays provide essay writing services that are customised to the American, UK and Australian grading systems. They also offer dissertation services and assignment help including quick-fire answering of multiple choice questions in any area of specialisation. Interestingly, because of the variety of staff that they employ they even offer research assistance for post-graduate work to prepare for the essays that they produce.

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That variety in their freelancers also really brings a diversity to the ideas that they bring to the table. Everything is custom written so you do not have to worry about plagiarism or repetition.


X Essays do good work. There are dozens of samples on their website that show you just how good that work is. Because there are so many people that they can draw on, you are guaranteed that the best person for a specific job is going to be assigned to you. The big thing that X-Essays.com emphasise is confidentiality, given the number of people involved in each of their projects, the fact that they can promise that is really impressive. All of the writers that they employ have the qualifications to back up the promises that the website makes. At least a Masters in the subject of your essay or project. That kind of experience and knowledge translates directly into good quality academic writing.

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this company is among top writing services of Australia

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There are a range of prices starting from high school level all the way up to your doctorate thesis. Taking an undergraduate essay of ten pages and a deadline of two weeks as an example we get a total cost of $194.84. Slightly lower than native Australian services charge. The lower the academic level and the longer that you give them to work, the cheaper everything becomes.


X-Essays offer coupons and discount codes that reduce the price of their services the more that you spend with them. The best discount that they offer is available right from the beginning though, you receive over $85 worth of free services with every order that includes a plagiarism report, bibliographies, formatting, outlines and title pages. These little details can really ramp the price up on a normal custom writing job, by taking them out of the equation x-essays have made things a lot simpler and fairer in the price department.

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There is a friendly and helpful support staff available to help you through the whole process from start to finish but once you have been put in touch with the one writer that will be handling your project they are readily available to guide you through. There is a solid team for quality assurance that come down a lot heavier on their own writers than I would have expected. The simple mistakes that can creep into any essay prompt immediate rewrites.

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Whatever dissertation, coursework, research paper or essay X-Essays produce for you is guaranteed to pass. There is a second guarantee that all of their work is plagiarism free, everything is run through copyscape and other plagiarism detecting software. You know that the work that you are receiving from X Essay is of the highest quality anyway, but they offer you as many revisions as you require to get the work to where you want it to be.

Users Review

You can find reviews all over x-essays.com talking about how good their service is. The majority of them are from Americans between high school and undergraduate level but there are some Aussie students there, mostly a little bit further up the academic ladder.

Service for difficult types of essays
  • Rating - 9.1/10


I would recommend X-Essays to any Aussie student that has an essay that is outside of their comfort zone. They bring such a breadth of combined knowledge to bear that it is hard to argue with the results. Between the free services that they offer with every order and the very reasonable pricing, there isn’t really a single bad thing to say about them.

X-Essays.com review – Rated 9.1/10

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