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There’s a lot of writing services out there, and you’ve got to know what your options are. Is the right service for you? This review has everything you need to know before you place that order.


Services with Uni Assignment Help are listed by subject, which is helpful if you’re looking for writers that can handle your area of study. For example, they handle finance, marketing, and nursing, amongst other subjects. However, there’s less information on what kinds of assignments they can handle. If you want more information, then you’re going to need to get in touch and outline your needs to the staff at this service. review


The quality of your assignment is incredibly important. Any essay you buy should be able to get you the grades you need. That means that this writing service needs to be able to put out good quality, all the time. We looked at reviews and samples to see if they could.

The results were inconclusive. Some samples and reviews were great, saying that the essays were just what they wanted. Others weren’t impressed, as their essays weren’t original, or they contained plagiarised work. It seems as though you just won’t know what you’ll get when you order from here.


Most websites will offer you a free quotation before you get in touch with them, so you know how much you can expect to pay. However, this service requires you to get in touch first, giving them all the details of the order before you’ll get your free quote. This may be ok for some, but if you’re still shopping around, do you really want to be handing over your details for something you may not buy with them? 3 steps process of how it works


If you need help with an order, or are still thinking of ordering, then there’s a customer service team set up to help you. There are a few channels you can use to get in touch, such as email or phone. However, be warned that sometimes getting a reply to your message may take a while. If you need an answer quickly, then this may not be the service for you.

Problems with quality and originality of the papers, no way to see the price before ordering
  • Rating - 3.5/10


UniAssignmentHelp appear to be able to cover every student’s needs, but the assistance they offer appears to be a little patchy. That means that you may not get the good quality essay that you were looking for. Instead, you may want to shop around. review – Rated 3.5/10

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