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Aussie Essay Writer is rated 2.9 which is below average.
We recommend using one of the above top rated services instead.

Detected issues: no samples available, low quality writing, no extra services.

Aussie Essay Writer have based their services on the idea that in all academic institutions, tutors are always demanding quality. When all of your tutors are demanding the same though, it’s often too difficult to keep up with all of their demands. This is where they step in for Australian students, offering their services and helping you catch a break. Are they up to the task? In this review, we’ll look over what they have to offer and find out.


AussieEssayWriter offer most of the general services students come to expect from academic writing services. They can cover your essays and assignments for you, as well as more involved tasks such as term papers, coursework, and even dissertations. These are all useful to have at your disposal, but there aren’t any of the extra services that many services offer. Students used to being able to buy all of their services from one site may not like the fact they’d have to shop elsewhere for them. review


The best way to ascertain the quality of any academic writing service is to check out the samples it has available online, but doesn’t have any listed at all. For any student shopping around, that is a huge red flag. Why would they turn over their cash when they don’t know what they’re going to get? There are reviews from happy customers, claiming that they offer a speedy service, but that’s all the comment they have on the quality of the work.


When it comes to pricing, Aussie Essay Writer are a lot cheaper than some of their competitors. For a 10 page essay, ready in 10 days time, they charge $158.40 with no ‘premium’ or ‘platinum’ options. This is a really good price for many students who are on tight budgets, but there is the worry that the cheaper price means you’re getting an inferior paper. If you were to buy from them anyway, they do offer a coupon. There’s a discount code for 15% off your first order, making it even cheaper.


When it comes to customer support, AussieEssayWriter offer a couple of options. You can either talk to them instantly through live chat, or you can call them on their phone number. These are both fairly instant options, but if you’re not based in Australia, the phone probably won’t be an option for you. review – Rated 2.9/10

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