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Students across Australia are struggling more than ever. Even from high school, the pressures of the academic system can become far too overwhelming, and the tension is starting to show. Students everywhere are finding it difficult to find the time to create articles to meet their allotted deadlines. Custom writing services aim to alleviate some of these stresses. However, some sites are notable better than others.

Services – Missing Key Assignment Types

Speedy Paper aims to try and deliver as many custom writing services as possible. However, despite having a list of around 30+ services for you to choose from, a lot of the key elements are missing to make this a complete site. In retrospect, many of the leading sites can offer more than 50+ services, meaning some students will have to take their business there. review

Quality – Lack of Good Quality Writers

Using the testimonials page and reviews found online, the service received by users using SpeedyPaper can vary. Unfortunately, there are multiple reports stating that the overall quality of the content was poor and that essay would be written in dissertation format and visa versa. There are also numerous reports of writers suddenly disappearing and going quiet after the payment has already been taken.

Prices – Too Expensive for Student Budget

When you refer to the pricing page, you’ll see that an essay, written to a Master’s degree with a 48-hour deadline will set you back around $28. This is fairly expensive, especially when you consider that most students are going to want assignments that are a couple of thousand words long. Furthermore, if students require extras, such as proofreading, editing or a list of sources, this price will rapidly begin to increase.

Support – Absence of International Support

There are a handful of communication methods you can use to get hold of There are links to three of the main social network platforms as well as an email address, phone number and a live chat feature. However, the phone number is only a United States line, meaning students from Australia will need to pay expensive international roaming fees if they decide to call.

Low quality for Australian or international students
  • Rating - 3.7/10


Speedy Paper has a long way to go before it can be considered one of the better custom writing services. The website needs to branch out by including dedicated international support, more consistent quality in the content itself and only then will it be able to justify its prices. It’s highly recommended, as students, you take your business to a more reputable website. review – Rated 3.7/10

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    I only got 40/100 for the essay they wrote me, and they refused to return money cuz I pressed “approve” button. The stupid thing is, if I don’t press it, they won’t give the proper document without the watermark of its company logo, then how am I supposed to send to tutor? And I even applied for the advanced writer. Just be careful.


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