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Whereas there are many custom essay writing services in existence, there are several services which tend to specialize in a specific writing type. As the title here suggests, Best Dissertation focuses in on helping students to create, write and finalize their dissertations.

Whether you’re falling behind on schedule, need help getting your grades, or you’re looking for a way to lighten your workload and meet your deadlines, this is a service that can help you out.

Today, we’re going to investigate the details of this service to see whether this is where you should spend your hard-earned money, asking is Best Dissertation legit and reliable, or should you be looking for a more reliable writing service?


While the title states that the website specializes in dissertations, it also offers a range of other writing services, such as essays, term papers, and even thesis help. There’s no dedicated services page, but all the services can be viewed on the order form on the homepage. There are around 30 in total. review


There are no testimonials or review pages to be found anywhere on the website, but there are several reviews posted around the homepage. While these are shining reviews claiming how amazing the service is, there is no rating system, no credibility on the writers of the reviews, and they are all nearly a year out of date.

This means the reviews may not accurately portray how the company performs today, or the site has a complete lack of customers over the last year.

Prices at Best Dissertation

You can figure out how much your assignment is going to cost you using either the order form or the pricing page. There are also multiple academic levels to choose from, and multiple subjects, but you’ll need to check to see whether yours is covered.

To give you an idea on what the prices are like, a ten-page dissertation with a week-long deadline will set you back around $249AU D at an advanced (medium) level. This is a huge amount of money compared with other services and may not be suitable for budget-conscious students. prices

Also, note that if you scroll through the website, or wait for a pop-up to appear, you may be subject to a coupon or discount voucher where you can get a bit of money off your final purchasing price.


The customer service you receive from a company is one of the most important parts. Here, you’ll have a few options available. There are a UK and US phone number, a single email address and live chat support that operates certain hours of the week. There’s no Australian phone number, nor an office address based in Australia.

While this should be satisfactory for most customers, it does beg the question of what happens when the lines get busy, and how long should you wait for a response? Would you be able to login and get a quick refund, or will you be left waiting?

Outdated testimonials, some customers claimed that quality of received papers were much lover than expected
  • Rating - 4.4/10


To finish off with, I just want to say that there’s a lot of room for improvement here at Best Dissertation. However, this definitely isn’t the worst site out there, or a scam; it just depends on your personal requirements at the time. review – Rated 4.4/10

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