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With so many illegal/legal writing sites out there, you need to know the one you’re considering isn’t a scam. If you’re thinking about using Academic Writing, read this review first. Do your research before you order, and you’ll always be able to buy from a legit company.


The Academic Writing website can handle several types of writing. These include essays, presentations, and coursework. However, I was dismayed that they weren’t including other services that some sites include as standard. If you’re looking for proofreading or resume writing services, you’re not going to have much luck here. review

Quality of writers

I needed to test the writers at AcademicWriting, so I made an account, hit the log in/sign in page, and made an order. The essay I got back was disappointing to say the least. It very much looked as though it had been written for another student before me. I had paid for an original essay, so getting a resale was very jarring and annoying for me. As well as this, I felt the writing quality wasn’t really up to standard either. I could have written better myself, given enough time. It was very disappointing overall.


I bought an average essay, which is an undergraduate level, 2 page essay, and ordered it to be delivered within 2 weeks. The price I paid was $57.14. There was no discount or promotion code that I could use as a new customer. This is a very steep price, considering what you’re getting for it. There’s plenty of services that can do better, for cheaper.


Even though my essay wasn’t needed for another 2 weeks, I wanted to see if could deliver more quickly. Other legit services that I’ve used could deliver days before the deadline, which I meant could get ahead of my own deadlines. This essay came within hours of the deadline finishing, which meant I wouldn’t have had a lot of time to hand it in.

Customer service

There’s plenty of ways to contact the support staff at Academic Writing. There’s a mobile and landline number, as well as free emails if you’re trying to save cash. I got in touch as I needed a refund, but I found it difficult to get it. The customer service leaves something to be desired.


Not recommended for actual academic writing
  • Rating - 2.1/10


I can’t recommend you sign up with Academic Writing, as the quality they can offer you is way too low for the price they charge. I just wasn’t impressed with what they could do. Other sites are much more safe to buy from, and will give you a much better deal. Your grades are important, so make sure you get the best writing possible. review – Rated 2.1/10

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