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Study Bay is rated 5.2/10 which is average.

Detected issues: problems with originality, papers delivered at lower quality than expected, weak customer support.

There are many writing services out there that aren’t as legitimate as they would have you believe. You may be looking at several writing sites, and wondering, ‘Is Study Bay legit? After all, Australian students have got to be careful. This review will help you get the lowdown.

Services provided by Study Bay

There’s a small amount of academic writing services available on the Study Bay website. These include essays, term papers, and research papers. A lot of students will be happy with just these, but we feel they really could be offering more. For example, where are the editing services that so many others can offer you? review


AU students want to know that the essays they’re getting are of the best quality. The reviews coming from though aren’t as encouraging as we would like. Some say that their essays were resales of other essays, in contradiction of their ‘100% original writing’ guarantee. Others said the quality was generally poor, with essays being rushed and improperly researched. These are important considerations to make when you’re thinking about using this service.

Prices of

Most essay services in Australia sell 2 page undergraduate essays, to be delivered in 10 days, as their most popular order. With StudyBay, this will cost you $25. As far as we can see, there’s no discount code or coupon available on the site. The price seems a little too good to be true. Is this the reason why the quality of essays has been reported as being poor? prices


If you need help with your order, then you can get in touch with the customer support team. This is either done by phone, or if you login to the site. Some customers have said that they aren’t very reliable though. There have been issues with the refund policy, and students haven’t got their money back after being given shoddy work. Keep this in mind if you intend to order with this service.

Refund policy and writing quality issues
  • Rating - 5.2/10


Study Bay seems to be a real site, as there people claiming to receive academic assistance from them. However, have concerns over the quality of the writing. It appears that sometimes their writing just isn’t up to scratch. The issues with the refund policy are worrying for students, too. You may want to look into an alternative service, before giving your money to this one. review – Rated 5.2/10

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    I’ve noticed how many strange pages from Google end up me being transferred to studybay. Anyone knows why this happens and if the site is legit?

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    This is just another freelance platform where website holders are not responsible for quality and accuracy of orders completed. You sign up and manually find a writer by going through suspiciously spammy looking offers from writers who want to pick up your order and everything you do is just between you and that freelancers who may not even be qualified enough to complete your assignment.

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    had a bad experience, also the website is somehow linked to Russian company

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    No support at all from studybay, some writer are really bad, takes money and don’t do their job. I’ve trying to contact support centre but no response from support centre and so called writer.


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