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If you need help with that essay, how do you know that you can trust that essay writing service with it? Is the place to go? This review has gathered all the information for you, so you can make an assessment before you order.


Services with Essay Gator are split into categories and subcategories, so you can drill down and order exactly what you need. For example, if you need an essay, you can select ‘essay’ in services. You’ll then be offered several types of essay, such as ‘comparison essay’ or ‘dedication essay’. This does help you get exactly what you need. review


Of course, you need to know that the essay or assignment you’re buying is of the best quality possible. Your grades are relying on it, after all. Can this service deliver the excellent quality that they’re offering?

To see what they can offer, we looked at samples and reviews from past customers. Some of the samples were great, but others showed less than exemplar understanding of the subject at hand. Some students also mentioned that the essays they got weren’t brilliant, as their writers didn’t have a good understanding of their subjects. This appears to be a problem that many customers are experiencing.


When we review websites, we look to give you an example of pricing, so you can see how much you’re looking at paying with them. However, in this instance, we aren’t able to do so. If you want a price from EssayGator, you’ll need to get in touch and give them the details of your order. For students who want to keep their data private, this isn’t ideal at all.


There is a customer support team available to talk to, if you have any issues with your order. We’ve been informed, though, that there are some issues when it comes to the refund policy. It’s actually much more strict than advertised, so you may find that you’re not entitled to a refund, even if you thought you were. This has caught some students unawares, so be careful.

Low quality writing and lack of real guarantees of their responsibility
  • Rating - 4.1/10


Essay Gator’s quality level does leave something to be desired, so they’re not the first service that we would recommend. Instead, shop around and look for a better reviewed service. review – Rated 4.1/10

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    The essay they gave me wasn’t enough to even get some passing points. The support was rude and so obviously some Indian team scamming students for their money. Do yourself a favor and just don’t ever work with them.


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