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At first glance, Ozzi Essays struck me as quite a plain and boring website, unlike many other custom essay writing services that promote themselves with flashy colors and easy to use order forms. However, you should never judge a book by its cover, which is why we’re going to dive into the very core of service.

We’ll be examining all the ins and outs of the site, ultimately helping you to decide is legit and the reliable custom essay writing service you’ve been looking for, or is a scam where you need to look for an alternative?


One of the first things you’ll notice on the site is the fact that the services are simply listed within the first couple of paragraphs, under the My Services tab. Here, you’ll clearly see that the website only offers five services. review

These include standard essay writing, thesis help, term papers, and research papers. However, although these do cover most of the basic writing services you’d be after, there are some obvious basic exceptions that may force you to take your business elsewhere.


Judging the quality of OzziEssay is hard since there are no reviews or testimonials to be found anywhere on the website. There’s none on the homepage, no dedicated review page, and really not that many reviews online.

With this in mind, there are two ultimate outcomes. The first is that the service is not used, and therefore there are no reviews to host. The second is that the service has received bad reviews over the last few years and have therefore decided to hide or not post the reviews. Either way, the quality that this service produces is debatable.

Prices at Ozziessay

Surprisingly, there’s no pricing page to be found anywhere on the website, making it extremely difficult to find a price for your required service. The footer of the website does state that prices start at $13.90AU per page, which is abnormally expensive for a writing service.

Clicking on the ‘order proceed’ button also takes you through to a completely different custom essay writing service which seems such as conspicuous as the last. The prices are still not clear on this second site. order form

There also doesn’t seem to be any discount codes or coupon vouchers available where you can bring whatever price your final quote is down, regardless of whether you’re a first-time Australian buyer.


The support you can receive on Ozzi Essay is, quite frankly, terrible. There’s no contact page anywhere on the website, no detailed email addresses, phone numbers, social media links, physical addresses for Australia, no login options, or anything for that matter.

There is a live chat option that pops up occasionally, but this simply takes you through to the second custom essay writing service and doesn’t put you in touch with anyone, making it impossible if you were to want to ask a question or request a refund.

Primitive website, no contact details except popup chat, no pricing available. No information about writers and origin of the company.
  • Rating - 2.9/10


All in all, is below average at a minimum. While it’s hard to give an accurate review of what the service is like due to the lack of information, this fact, along with the fact that the service doesn’t provide any services itself, but instead forwards to another service, student customers like yourself deserve more transparency from your chosen writing company. review – Rated 2.9/10

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    their website looks kinda unfinished, do they actually write anything?

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    Didnt like their service


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