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Aussie Essay have built their service around the needs of the students they cater to. According to their website, they offer a top quality service, and will only take on work if they’re able to give it the time it needs to create a high grading essay. They also claim to be highly affordable, as they understand that students are often watching their budgets. So, do Aussie Essays really fully cater to the needs of the Australian student? This review will find out.


According to the site, AussiEssay simply offer essay writing services. Many other writing services offer a plethora of other services such as homework help and tutoring, but they appear to have chosen one writing service to provide, and focused on that. However, there’s no real information on what subjects they can excel in, which isn’t great if you’re looking for an expert in your field. Also, some students will be turned off by the fact additional services aren’t available. review



The site offers guarantees for the quality of the work they provide, as well as for the timeliness of their delivery, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that they can follow through on these promises. Unlike many other sites, they don’t have any reviews from past customers available, nor do they have any samples of their work. For any student shopping around, this is going to be a huge turn off as they just don’t know if this company is legit.


Aussie Essay’s pricing appears to be on par with most other writing services. A 10 page essay comes out at $199.90 for standard quality, $219.90 for premium and $249.90 for platinum. The pricing is reasonable, but it doesn’t really adhere to their promise that they have lower pricing for most students who are watching their budgets. Also worth noting, the site doesn’t offer any discount code or coupons for first time users.


For those who do choose to use their system, AussiEssay do appear to give good support to. They have a 24/7 support line, available through email or live online chat. There’s also toll free numbers for the US and Australia. If you order from them and want to get in touch, there’s certainly plenty of ways to do so.

No guarantees of reliability
  • Rating - 3.3/10


While it seems as though Aussie Essay have chosen one service to provide and focus on, there isn’t any guarantee that the service they do provide has an quality. If there’s no samples or testimonials, how can potential customers know that they can trust the service? Also, while they offer pricing with students in mind, the prices they offer are on par with most other services out there. In short, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to recommend them.

If you’re looking for an alternative, one of the companies in top list could be the best service for you. There’s plenty of recommendations for the work they provide, and thanks to their focus on education, you know you’ll have an expert writing your essay. review – Rated 3.3/10

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    if you want to get customers please write better papers!

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    can’t tell they are really bad, but I totally agree with the review, it’s better to use one of the other top services instead of aussie essay

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    “there isn’t any guarantee that the service they do provide has an quality”

    yes, the quality is falling if compared with any company from a top list


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