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Is legit? We’re doing a review of their services, quality, prices, and customer support to see how reliable they are and to check that they are definitely not a scam. Read our review before you sign up with them and find out what you need to know first.


It can be difficult to find services for Australians but Totalassignmenthelp appear to be open to whatever subject you are pursuing at any education level. All they are concerned with is the number of pages you need written and your deadline. review

We checked their refund policy just to be on the safe side, and we can confirm that if you get a failing grade on your assignment, they will return your money. They also offer free unlimited revisions.


When assessing essay-writing services, you want to be sure you get excellent quality. There’s no point having a service write your essay for you if you end up with a poor grade. We checked out the reviews that totalassignmenthelp have on their site, and they were very positive, but do not even identify customers by name on each review.

The site also gives access to a number of samples, and we had a look at some of these. We noticed some typos and misuse of punctuation, as well as some language that made us wonder if the writer was indeed a native speaker of AU English. However, by and large, the content was average, and would probably earn a C grade from most professors.

In addition, we searched the web for external reviews by customers, but did not find anything.

Prices of Total Assignment Help

Total Assignment Help do not reveal their prices before you login, so we were unable to verify these. It appears that the site may run some kind of bidding system where various writers bid to write your essay, and you choose from among them. This could mean the price might vary wildly from one essay to the next. subjects

We also checked for discount codes or coupons but could not find any.


Total Assignment Help provide a Live Chat service and a support phone number. You can also email their support email address. They are registered in Sydney, Australia. Unlike most other essay-writing services, they do not have any links to social media accounts or promise 24/7 assistance.

Low quality of writing samples, template-used website design
  • Rating - 5.5/10


In your position, we would look for an alternative site. While Totalassignmenthelp doesn’t seem terrible, they also don’t seem to be outstanding, more just average and run-of-the-mill. You deserve better, so make sure you get the best essay-writing service you can. review – Rated 5.5/10

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