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If you need help with your essay, who should you go to? bill themselves as an excellent writing service, but can you trust them? This review has everything you need to know.


There’s a lot of services available on the website, but the organisation of them is a little jumbled up. We saw that they do offer a lot of customisable writing options to students, based on either the type of essay they need, or the subject that they need writing in. We saw, though, that there wasn’t a lot on offer when it comes to non academic writing services. Demand is higher for them these days, so we’re surprised they’re not included. review


When you order with any writing service, you need to know that the writers can handle your order well. We wanted to see what Case Study Help’s quality is like, so we took a look at what their past customers are saying. Most say that the essays they got were of average quality. A small minority, though, were unhappy with what they got. The biggest issue seems to be the writers they got weren’t actually experts in their subjects, and so the essay suffered.


Prices will always vary, depending on what you’re ordering. To get a price on your essay, you’ll need to fill out a form on the website and send the details off. The service will get back to you with a price, which you can then accept or decline. This can be a problem for students who are still shopping around. After all, they may not want to give their details over if they’re not sure they’re going to order with them.

case study help levels and prices


If you need help at any point during the ordering process, then you can talk to the customer service team. They’re available 24/7, and they can help you with any questions you have. Be aware though, that not all of the team are native English speakers. This can cause problems if you want to get an answer urgently.

No prices available, quality is lower than expected
  • Rating - 3.6/10


If you’re thinking of using Case Study Help, then it’s good to know about them first. The quality of that essay may vary, depending on who writes it, but many students will be happy to take that risk. If you don’t mind sending off for a price, then this service could work for you. review – Rated 3.6/10

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    i thought it’s worth trusting if they only specialize on case studies, but still received same low quality assignment as from other ~not so good~ companies


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