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Advanced Writers offers potential customers with a slick and professional looking website, but are they really as good as they look? They claim to have some of the best writers in the business, ready to write your essay. Can they take on some of the top quality essay writing sites in Australia, or are they all flash and no substance? This review will find out.


AdvancedWriters offer the full range of services that we have come to expect from most Australian academic writing services. They can cover regular assignments for you throughout the year, as well as dissertations, either partly or in full. They can also take on more specialised papers, such as capstone reviews or lab reports. Interestingly, they offer a free plagiarism checker on their website. That could be helpful for students who need to check their work before handing it in.

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Quality is important in any writing service, as so many is recent months have been uncovered to be scamĀ  sites. There are several reviews on offer on the Advanced Writer website, but they honestly don’t tell the potential customer much about what they do. We have had reports that customers have actually had less than stellar work from their writers, and even in some cases have had their essays flagged for plagiarism by their university. This is a serious problem if you’re looking to order with them.


As a company, AdvancedWriters fees fall slightly below the average for academic writing. An 10 page essay with a 14 day deadline will cost $150 if you’re in the first or second year of college. If you’re 3rd or 4th year, it’ll cost $180. If you decide to become a repeat customer, you can gain discount codes depending on how much you’ve spent with them. You can get coupons for 5% off if you’ve spent $500, all the way up to 15% if you spend over $2000. prices


In keeping with their legit style online, offer four different guarantees of their work. They say that the customer is guaranteed that their work will be confidential, that they can have their money back if not completely satisfied, and that there is a 24/7 support line if you need it. These are good in theory, but reports have come in that many customers have had to ask for their money back, thanks to the poor service they have received.


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  • Rating - 4.3/10

Conclusion look good but not that much if you look deeper into details. If you’re looking for a quality service, you’re better off looking elsewhere. They say they offer top writers, but in fact students risk being picked up for plagiarism with them.

If you’re looking for a suitable alternative, we would recommend checking one of top 5 best essay writing services. They pick their writers carefully and always turn out an excellent product. Your grades are important, so you want to stick with a company you can trust. review – Rated 4.3/10

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    my short opinion on this – not recommended


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