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We are dedicated to providing our readers with honest reviews on Australian based writing services so that students do not have to worry about how to find the best service for them. It can be difficult knowing who is reliable or another scam, so we have done the research for you.

Is legit? Read on to find out what we think!


Buy Assignment provide their customers with a range of services from essay writing to research papers, dissertations and assignments. They can cater to all of your coursework needs! review


We did a bit of research to find out what the quality of their work was like and unfortunately, we struggled to find any reviews online and therefore we have no information on the quality of work they are producing. Therefore, we are unable to recommend them based on the quality of their work.


So you have an idea of what they are charging, we have put together a price example from their website. If you were to order an essay of 275 words that you needed back within 10 days, then you would pay $12.99 for that. This price will give you ‘standard quality’ however there is no further information in terms of what this means for grades. prices

BuyAssignment offer their first time customers a discount code that allows them 15% off their very first order. They offer no other coupons.


As we mentioned above, when we looked into, we were unable to come across a single review on the service from past customers in Australia. The only mention of the company we came across was someone asking within a forum whether or not they were a scam, which received one mere response.


Lack of online presence
  • Rating - 3.3/10


As we were unable to find hardly any information about the service, we cannot recommend them to our readers. The only information we have to go on is what they have provided us through their website, which just is not enough when it comes to reviews. The company have a very clear lack of presence online which is almost unheard of for established companies that are doing well – if a company if great, people tend to talk about it!

You would be better off with an alternative AU service who is much more visible online with many more reviews. The last thing you want is to be fighting to get a refund while meeting those important deadlines. review – Rated 3.3/10

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