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Pay For Essay is rated 4.1/10 which is below average.

Detected issues: low quality samples, no proof of writing quality, service is not targeted towards specific of Australian educational system.

Pay For Essay states that they have over 10 years of experience in writing academic papers for students all over the world. They offer their services to students who need to save time and have someone else writer their essays, or students who just simply don’t want to do it themselves. This review aims to find out whether their experience has given them the edge over other writing services here in Australia.


PayForEssay offers a comprehensive list of services that they can offer to students. They include coursework writing for high school students, essays and assignments for students, and dissertation writing for students about to finish their last year of university. There’s also proofreading and editing services, which are useful if you’ve already written your essay but don’t have the time to fine tune it before your deadline. review


The site states that 99% of their customers have been happy with the work provided for them, and there are reviews from past customers given. They are, however, rather brief, and don’t really explain what it’s like working with Pay For Essay. There are samples offered on the site, but when you click the link there’s only four available, and only one of them is a custom essay. When each assignment is so individual to the customer, these examples don’t really cut it in showing them what they can expect.

Pricing offers a pricing table, which allows potential students to price up their essay before they pay up and commit to working with the service. For a 10 page essay, the service charges differently depending on the level of expertise needed. A high school essay will $139.50, an undergraduate one $189.50, and a Ph.D. essay $259.50. why to choose

This is a unique pricing structure in the world of academic writing, and may be of interest to students who may be able to get cheaper essays this way. As far as we could see, there were no discount codes or coupons available.


Like most academic writing sites, Pay For Essay offers a couple of different methods for getting in touch. There’s a 24/7, toll free phone number, and the ubiquitous live chat function.

Doubtful level of writing quality
  • Rating - 4.1/10


There’s not a lot that sets apart from any other service. Their prices for students are more or less on a par with other services, and there isn’t a lot of evidence that the quality of their work is as legit as others. In short, there’s not a lot to recommend them.

If you want an alternative service, the table of top companies is a good place to look. They offer high quality essays for Australian students, written for reasonable prices. They’re constantly looking out for the best writing talent, so you’ll always receive an essay that’s up to date, relevant, and perfectly written. They even provide proofreading and editing services too, so they can cover all the bases on your all important assignment. review – Rated 4.1/10

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    I need an insight about this company, you do not recommend, but need more info!!

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    THIS SERVICE IS A SCAM, I paid 90 dollars for an essay lined with plagiarized material. When I told customer service that I used a free plagiarism checker, they asked that I pay for a 60 dollar plagiarism report to verify it was in fact plagiarized. I had them do a revision, and the edits were mere paraphrasing of the prior content (STILL CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM). I had no luck with customer service, so I decided to dispute the charge on my credit card when I received a THREATENING LETTER essentially stating that If I did not pay they would release all of my personal info to every single web channel they have access to. This is a clear case of unethical behavior which classifies as corporate blackmail per California State Law. Furthermore defamation of my character is at risk as well. I am currently in the process of filing suit. AVOID AT ALL COST, NOT WORTH WORKING WITH AN UNETHICAL SERVICE PROVIDER!!!!!


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