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To help students try to locate a trustworthy writing service who needs their needs and budget, we have put together this review so that all of the important information is right at your fingertips. We understand how worrying it can be to put all of your trust into an unknown writing service, so we aim to take that away to make the process easier.


BookMyEssay specifically target students in Australia and are located within the Melbourne, AU. The writing service offer a range of services from dissertations, research proposals, essays and much more and these papers are completed by their expert writers who are based within Australia, UK and USA. review


When we looked into their reviews online to find out what the general opinion was of the quality of their work, however what we found didn’t back up their claim at being a reliable service. While each review on their Facebook page was excellent, there were only 12 of them and each appeared to be paid-for reviews.


Book My Essay sadly don’t offer a price calculator on their website, instead you have to submit a form giving out your details before you get any information. As we were unable to find the information that way, we looked online and found that they were generally very affordable for students.

book my essay work process

However, they do mention that they offer 3 discount codes. Their coupons are: 15% off for first time customers, a 10% off code and 25% off for recommending friends.


When we discovered the Facebook page we were concerned that the writing service could be a scam and not actually Australian at all. Not only were all of their Facebook reviews from India and giving the same type of review, but past customers have seemingly discovered that the company is actually based in India.

Additionally, several reviews have stated that they paid for their work but never received it or got a refund. Which only raises the question, is legit?

Not Australia-based, paying for misleading reviews
  • Rating - 2.2/10


With BookMyEssay claiming to be one of the most professional writing services out there, the evidence we found points in the opposite direction. Not only do they appear to be lying about where they are based but they also appear to be paying for reviews to mislead customers. You would be better off with an alternative writing service who has a much more trustworthy reputation. review – Rated 2.2/10

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    what if i book a book

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    This website is run from India. The person is based in New Delhi. The person has sole agenda of robbing students. The work that he provides is utter bullsh*t. There have been numerous cases where student has received 1/20 marks and the guy refused to refund any money.

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    This is a cheating website. Don’t trust this website. In their website, it gonna show 4.9/10. That is a lie. 100% sure that you will not get your money back. Also, you won’t get the assignment. Even you get it, it is pretty sure it wasn’t done by an expert. If you do it by yourself, it is much better than that. Even they said oh I transferred the money back and they will show that the money transition on the computer screen which doesn’t have bank stamp or something approval. But they won’t transfer it to you. The, when contact you, it will say wait for 3 days. If not, contact the bank. That’s annoying and cheating money website. When you contact them for asking your money back, they will block your message. SO, DON”T TRUST THIS WEBSITE> THEY ARE CHEATING AND ROBBING YOU.


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