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If you’re a student, you’ll already know the stresses and worries that come with being a part of the Australian education system. There are increasing pressures week on week, and it gets to the point when you simply don’t feel like you have any hours left in the day. To help you gain some of your all-important time back, custom writing services, such as Go Assignment Help, aim to help you meet your deadlines with ease.


The number of services that Go Assignment Help offers to its customers may, at first, seem like a comprehensive and complete list. However, on closer inspection, it’s easy to see that they are a lot of duplicate assignment types or assignment types that could simply be placed under the same category. It’s easy to see that the site is trying to compensate. review


The Internet is full of 1* reviews for GoAssignmentHelp. There are several reoccurring reports indicating that the company is operating fraudulently and not delivering the required content at the allotted deadlines that have already been agreed. What’s more, there seems to be a continuous issue with the refund policy where users simply aren’t receiving their refunds or hearing anything from the company.


After you have selected and entered your desired information on your assignment type, you will then be given the ability to choose your writer for your preferred price. This means that the writers operate independently from the website and can, therefore, charge whatever they like. These methods tend to make the prices higher and are a lot more expensive than the traditional pay-per-page method.

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Based in Australia, you can easily phone, email or send a letter to the company should you require it. However, these are the only methods of communication, and you will not be able to talk to your writer using these methods, only through your account. There is also no live chat feature for immediate assistance. There is also a US phone line, but any students are living outside this area will have to pay expensive international calling fees.

Consistently Poor Quality
  • Rating - 2.1/10

Conclusion has many things it should be working on. With upgrades to the site, the service, the quality of work and a complete overhaul of the systematic method it uses to produce assignments, this could be a much better and more suitable website. In the meantime, it’s highly advised that students take their custom writing assignments elsewhere. review – Rated 2.1/10

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