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Edubirdie is rated 5.4/10 which is average.

Detected issues: signs of plagiarism, not targeted for educational system of Australia and it’s academic requirements, manual writer selection, lack of support.

There are so many essay writing services out there that it’s hard to know which ones you can trust. So many turn out to be a scam, after all. Edubirdie is a writing service aimed at Australian students. Is EduBirdie legit? This review will help you decide. services offers all the services you’d expect from an academic writing service. There are services to handle your essays, assignments, and book reports available. They can also help with homework, as well as more specialised tasks such as lab reports.

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There are only a few reviews available on the front page of the site, from students in Australia. They say that they loved the essays they got, but that’s not the story we heard from other students who used them. They said that the essays they received were clearly written for other students, meaning they received reused papers. If you’re paying for a personalized essay, that’s the last thing you want.


EduBirdie says that their prices start from $16 per page, which is slightly above average. However, if you want to find out more, you have to create an account and give the website your personal details. If you just want to get a quote, this is really off putting. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious coupon or discount code for first time users.

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If you order through, there are a couple of ways of getting support with your order. Firstly, you can fill in an online form and wait for representative to get back to you. There’s also a 24/7 live chat function on the site that lets you contact someone instantly.

Both are ok, but there’s no obvious way to contact a writer directly. This may be a feature once you become a member, but that all depends on whether you’d want to just to find out their prices.


Not recommended for Australian students
  • Rating - 5.4/10


We wouldn’t recommend EduBirdie, as there’s not enough information on their page to help you make a decision on them. The fact that they are not specifically targeted for Australia may also warn some students as the requirements for US, UK, CA and AU academic papers are different. As this is the case, you’re better off avoiding their services, at least for the time being.

As an alternative, we’d recommend taking a look at other reviews if you are still looking for a better company. review – Rated 5.4/10

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    Hi, this one is totally unreliable. Not that you have to spend time selecting the writer but it seems that all of them are actually FAKE and just spam you with their messages like HIRE ME HIRE ME..

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    I thought birds are made for a fly, not for writing?

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    Okay, so this one is more like a freelance platform where you have to do everything by yourself, starting from a registration, then finding a writer and so on. This is not exactly what I expected it to be..

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    Are these same as [removed], cause I’ve ordered from them and both papers are exactly the same.


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