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While I understand that college is mainly about academia, I really wanted to make the most of extra-curriculars. So when I realised that I’d have a really hectic week with sports and drama, I didn’t want to let my GPA slide, and used Global Assignment Help.

Services Offered

Seems More Comprehensive Than It Is
I didn’t really know what to look for when I made my order, so I thought I was safe and on a legit site when they had a big list of different types of work, as well as different standards – you could pay for a first class paper or something more average. I was happy to sign up and make an account on this basis. However, I now realise that the fact they didn’t offer a different standard for high school, college, or PhD shows that they just produce generic essays that are useless to anyone who wants a good grade. review


Just Not Realistic
I wanted a three thousand word paper in 3 days which I thought may be too little time – but they would have done it in one day if I asked. Some of my classmates saw this as a positive aspect at first, but I just can’t see how anyone can produce a good paper in that amount of time – it makes me feel like this website really is a scam.


There’s No Good Deal For A Bad Product
At first, I thought the prices were reasonable, and the discount applied to my order was a great promotion. I didn’t have a code, it was all automatic, but when I used to login/sign in it made me feel like I’d got a good price for my order. However, my order was too bad to be used, and $260 for a 3000 paper that I couldn’t hand in just left me $260 worse off. The prices are even lower for a longer deadline, so I’m not surprised the quality is poor – it’s too cheap for good writers.

Quality of Writers

Definitely Not As Advertised
I’m not sure if it’s illegal/legal to say you only hire professionals, when you clearly are employing people outside the country, who work for low wages and don’t have the best English. The work felt like a template, or an old paper that had been resold. I was so scared it was plagiarised I had to spend more time making changes than if I’d done it myself from scratch for free.

Customer Service

Terrible Support
I wanted a refund, simple as that. However, the contact number just rang off, there were little replies to my emails, and I felt like I couldn’t get any help at all. Don’t trust anything they say on this website.

Fake promises and no original writing
  • Rating - 2.3/10


I wanted to leave a review Global Assignment Help so other students could avoid them and actually find a reliable essay writing service that they can trust or rely on. review – Rated 2.3/10

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    It’s good advertised on Google, but the service is not reliable at all! Will NOT recommend it!!!


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