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Students from every coast of Australia are encountering the same problems every year. No matter what academic level you are at in the educational system, more and more work is being added to the curriculum each year, and it’s starting to show that students are finding it hard to keep up. To relieve some of the stresses and worries, custom writing services, such as Essay Pro, have attempted to handle your custom writing assignments.

Services – Limited List of Services

As a custom writing service, you want a website that will be able to handle any and all kinds of assignment, without having to flick and choose between different websites. Unfortunately, Essay Pro only offers a very limited selection. At best, there are around 20 odd assignment types to choose from. When you consider that some of the more reputable leading sites offer more than 50+ services, EssayPro has a lot of catching up to do. review

Quality – High Volume of Resales

After reading through some previous customer experiences, it’s apparent that Essay Pro may have a darker illegitimate side. There are numerous reports stating that the site is simply copying work and articles from other sites, especially to use in their initial samples. Furthermore, there are multiple reports stating that some of the writers obviously don’t know much about the subjects they are writing about, creating assignments that don’t make sense.

Prices – Unsuitable Student Prices

As you’ll see from the homepage, starts off their assignment prices at around $16 per page. This is the most basic form of assignment with the longest deadline. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround and premium content, you should expect to be paying a solid couple of hundred dollars. This simply isn’t suitable for most students, especially those already living on a tight enough budget as it is.

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Support – Complete Disregard for Customer Services

Searching around the page, you’ll notice a complete absence of a contact page. There is a live chat that can be accessed from every page and links to their social media pages, but there are no obvious links to phone numbers, email addresses or even a physical address. This means that students are very limited when it comes to contacting the company, especially if there was an emergency with the content.

Leaves a lot to be desired
  • Rating - 3.6/10


With a lack of services, lack of support options and lack of good quality content, EssayPro has a long way to go before it can even be classed as a decent custom writing service. For students looking for a suitable service for them, the best advice is to take your assignments to a more reputable and trustworthy website. review – Rated 3.6/10

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    Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this review and rest of the articles!

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    I’m not satisfied at all with the paper delivered by essaypro


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