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From coast to coast, students across Australia are finding an increasing amount of problems relating to the education system. With so much to learn and the mounting pressures of finding a part-time job while trying to manage a tight budget, it’s easy for students to forget or run out of time when it comes to completing assignments. tries to help students out by dealing with these assignments, but unfortunately, the site falls short in several areas.


Geekly Lab has attempted to be slightly different when it comes to traditional custom writing services. Usually, students will be able to pick their required assignment type from a drop-down list, which enables the website to funnel their orders through to the correct writer. However, GeeklyLab allows you to write your chosen topic and assignment type before selecting a writer. This may enable the site to cover all the bases, but it also means that you can get the wrong writer for the job. review


Because the writers are diverse and you can choose the writer you want, it doesn’t always mean that you will get the writer that is best for your job. This has resulted in poor quality work regarding above average levels of plagiarism, poorly structured essays and other faults that have deemed many assignments unusable.


As the writers work independently from GeeklyLab itself, they can basically charge whatever they like. This is unfair to you, the consumer, as some writers may charge less, some may charge more, and some may just charge you whatever they like, meaning that you could be missing out on the best deal. One of the most tried and tested methods for a successful site is having strict pay-per-page fees, that way there’s no deliberation.

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Regarding the content, you can contact your writer anytime through your account. However, what happens if your writer goes quiet? If you wish to contact directly, you can do so using the very limited phone number or email address. Please note that the phone number is a US number and there’s no dedicated Australian line, meaning you will be subject to expensive international calling fees. There is also no live chat feature for instant assistance.

Lots of Improvements to Make
  • Rating - 4.1/10


For Australian students, GeeklyLab has a lot of work to do. Not only is the pricing system unacceptable, the lack of dedicated help services means that some Australians could easily be left out of pocket feeling cheated or deceived. The best advice I can give is to use another, more reputable and trustworthy website. review – Rated 4.1/10

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