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Essay Writing Place declare that in their eyes, ‘the customer is king’. They say that they know that students are often busy, between classes, assignments, and work. They promise that they can provide high quality essays for a good price, a claim this review hopes to investigate. So, can they make the experience of being an Australian student that little bit easier?


EssayWritingPlace offer all of the usual services you would expect of an academic writing service. There are essay, dissertation and research paper writing services. As well as this, there is a service for writing admissions essays, as well as an editing service for completed essay work. review


Quality is almost impossible to ascertain. on, there are no samples of work they have completed in the past. For any student looking for a writing service, the fact that they can’t check out their previous work in their subject area is a real deal breaker. In addition to this, there is a button that promises to link to reviews from past customers, but it seems to not have been linked up properly on the site. It seems as though they’re still in the process of building this site, but it doesn’t help any potential customers who want to know what past customers thought of the work they received.


At time of writing, Essay Writing Place charge starting at $10 per page, so using our example of a 10 page paper, you’re looking at paying at least $100 for it. As we don’t know who is writing the essay, you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal for that price. Also, they promise that your essay will be delivered by the next day. If they have such a fast turnaround on their work, is it really going to be $100 worth of work? For those looking for money saving options, it is worth noting that currently there are no discount codes or coupons available to use on orders.


If you need customer support from EssayWritingPlace, there are two different options for getting in touch. You can either call them on their phone number, or you can live chat with them through the website itself. Either way, it seems that support is more or less instantaneous.

No proofs of reliability
  • Rating - 3.4/10


So, are Essay Writing Place worth using for your essay writing needs? In short, we don’t think so. They may well hire writers and deliver some kind of service, but unless they give us any examples or testimonials of their work, we just don’t know. With so many other options available to students in Australia, it’s just not worth taking a chance on them.

If you’re looking for a more legit alternative, the ones selected by students in top chart could be the writing services for you. They focus solely on academic writing, and hire highly qualified writers, so you know that any essays you buy from them will get you top grades, every time. They have very reasonable prices, so try them out today. review – Rated 3.4/10

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