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When you’re looking for a good assignment writing service, it’s hard to know which services are legit and which ones are a scam. Australian students have certainly been burned by fraudulent sites in the past. Is legit? Read this review to find out.


When you take a look on the Secure Assignment Help services page, there isn’t an awful lot of information about what they can offer students in Australia. There’s information that they can help with both assignments and essays, but that’s about it. Many other services will detail exactly what they cover, including non-academic writing services such as resume writing, and editing and proofreading. If you want to know exactly what you’ll get, you may need to go elsewhere with an alternative service. review


Students in Australia need to know that they’re getting quality writing, no matter who they order with. We took a look at past customer reviews, to see what they’re saying about the essays from this service. Some students had concerns about the writers who were writing for them. Some didn’t have English as a first language, or clearly weren’t experts in the subject they were writing in.


With this company, the more pages you order from them, the less money you’ll pay per page. For example, if you’re buying a 2 page essay, you’ll pay $16 AU per page. There’s no one off discount code or coupon though, which will bad news for first time customers. If you’re ordering a shorter essay, or only want to order as a one off, they may not be the best service for you. prices


There’s a customer support team ready to help you with your assignments, should you need it. You can contact them if you login to the website, or if you call the provided phone number. Be aware though, that there are problems with the refund policy right now. The rules around it aren’t as clear as they should be, which has lead to confusion with students.

High prices for less pages, issues with refund policy
  • Rating - 4.1/10


Be aware of the issues raised in this review before you order. The issues with the refund policy, and the higher prices if you order less pages, may be an issue for you. Do your research before you order. review – Rated 4.1/10

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