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As the title of this custom essay writing service suggests, this is a website that vows to help you get your homework done. Whether you’re struggling with a certain piece, need to lighten your workload, or you even just want a break, this is a service that can help.

However, before you jump in and start ordering all your homework, you’ll need to make sure it’s the right service for you. Today, we’re going to dive in and ask is My Homework Done legit, so you can make an accurate, risk-free decision yourself, and not spend your money on a scam where you should have chosen an alternative.

Services provided by My Homework Done

Using the services tab at the top of the page, you’ll be able to see all the services on offer, and therefore whether you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. There are 40 different services on offer, ranging from essays and homework assistance to coding help and all kinds of subject.

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However, it’s worth noting that some of the topics here are basic, broad and repeated in different terms, meaning there’s probably around 25 reliable services in total. Now compare this with the leading services offering around 50+ unique services, this list can start to feel limited.


There is, unfortunately, no testimonials or review page on the website, but there’s a selection of ‘what your peers are saying’ if you scroll down the homepage. While these reviews are short and don’t really provide any value on the service, they also have no dates, which means they could be years old and no longer relevant.

There are also very few reviews online, meaning that either this website isn’t used a lot, people don’t like to review (which they do of course), or the service is poor, and the reviews are hidden. Either way, the content quality of the site is inconsistent at best.


If you want to check out the price of the content available, you can use the pricing page to see whether it’s affordable for you. On this page, you’ll find information on the pricing bracket, but there’s no price table or way to find an accurate quote for your specific service.

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Prices start from $17.55AU per page, but you won’t know until you actually place your order how much your personal order will cost, meaning they could charge anything they want. $17.55AUD is still rather high for a custom essay writing service of this nature. There does seem, however, to be coupon vouchers and discount codes available if you want for the pop-ups to appear on the website.


If you’re looking to get hold of the company either before or after you’ve made a purchase, perhaps because you have a question, want to place a refund, or you want to make a change to your order, there are several options available to you once you login.

As with most sites, there’s a limited hours live chat service, an Australian phone number (toll-free), and an email form you can fill on the contact page, meaning you should be able to get in touch easily, but there’s no info on how long it can take for a reply. There’s also no physical address in Australia.

Limited number of services. Not much of information found about the company. Lack of customer testimonials. Website is not targeted to serve students studying in Australia.
  • Rating - 3.9/10


All in all, Do My Homework seems like a pretty decent custom essay writing service. However, with not a lot of info on quality the service produces, above average prices and a rather limited number of contact options, it may be a risk to use the site. review – Rated 3.9/10

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