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Aussie Writer is rated 3.4/10 which is below average.

Detected issues: no samples of writing, no customers reviews, unverified writers.

If you’re looking for a writing service based in Australia, you may well be drawn to Aussie Writer. They claim to be an Australian essay writing service that offers ‘quality essays written by experts’. With a claim like that, you think they must be one of the best, right? There’s plenty of scam websites out there, though, so it pays to be careful. This review will find out for sure.

Services offers what looks to be a wide array of papers. These include assignments, dissertations, case studies, and more. If you need something specific written, they certainly would be the people to turn to. They’ll also provide proofreading and editing, if you want someone to look over a piece of your own work. review



If you need assurances of quality, AussieWriter have made a great deal of guarantees on their website. These include an essay written from scratch, delivered before the deadline, and unlimited free revisions. Having said this, there’s little evidence that they can deliver on these promises. There are only three reviews available to read on their site, and there are no examples of their work that you can check out. This is worrying, as before you order you need to know that you can trust them. As it stands, there’s little to say that Aussie Writer is really legit.


When it comes to pricing, fall into line with most other Australian writing companies. We tested a 10 page essay, and a standard quality one would cost $199.90, if you can wait 10 days for delivery. If you want it even cheaper, there is a coupon available. Enter the discount code ‘best18’ at checkout if you’re a new customer, and you’ll get 18% off the final price. It’s not a bad discount, but you can only get it once. If you’re going to be a repeat customer, you may have to go elsewhere.


If you need to get in touch with your writer, there’s a couple of ways of doing so. There’s a toll free phone line if you live in Australia, or a live chat function, as is standard with most academic writing sites now. There’s also the promise of limitless alterations, as mentioned above. It sounds helpful, but in practice it may be more complicated than you’d like. Plus, if the service is as good as they say, should they not offer the best product first time?

There are better writers in other services
  • Rating - 3.4/10


There’s not a lot going for, to be honest. They make a lot of claims about how good they are and how they can care for you, the customer, but they can’t back them up. A couple of testimonials on the front page shouldn’t be enough to convince most discerning students. You’ll honestly better taking your business elsewhere.

If you’re looking for an alternative, the page with selection of top writing services may be the way to go, their quality is proven. review – Rated 3.4/10

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    I haven’t seen that site for ages, thought it got closed.. well, I have to say that quality of writing is on the same low level, shame that they still hire some of those writers!!

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    Had a better expectation for my simple nursing assignment order, it was just 3 pages, but the whole text is written in so simple manner 🙁 had my hopes that it would be better, but no 🙁

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    site no longer can be found


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