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There’s so many essay writing services out there, it makes it difficult to pick the one you should use.  Can write you a good essay? Read this review to find out.


There’s a lot of services available when you take a look on the website. These include academic writing services, such as report writing, dissertations, and book reports. You can also have other kinds of writing done, such as scholarship essays and business plans. That’s a lot to choose from. Be aware though, there’s no editing or proofreading services available for students at this time. review


No matter where you order from, you need to know that the writers you’re working with write excellent essays for you. We looked at past customer reviews are saying, and the samples that are available. The samples looked good, but we noticed that some students had issues with their essays. The main problem seems to be that some writers aren’t native English speakers, meaning their essays were sometimes of a lower quality than expected. If you order with Essay On Time, you may be taking a gamble and seeing what kind of writer you’re given for your essay.


We went to see how much you can expect to pay with this writing service. Unfortunately, you can’t see exactly how much you can expect to pay before you order. You’ll have to send a message to the team with the details of your order, before you get a price. If you’re wary about sending out your details before you agree on an order with this service, this may not be the best thing for you.


Like most essay writing services, you can get help with your order, at any point during the ordering service. There’s a team available 24/7, who can help you out. All you have to do is get in touch and they can give you assistance. We have noticed there’s been some confusion with the refund policy, as it’s not as clear as it should be. It may be worth talking to the team about it before you order.

Hidden pricing model, some students reported problems with the received papers
  • 5.1/10
    Rating - 5.1/10


Essay On Time will send you the essays you pay for, so they seem to be legit. We do have some concerns with the policies over pricing, and the issues some students have had with the quality of their essays. They are a real service though, and you can use them if you are willing to try a lack on received quality. review – Rated 5.1/10

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    I recently had a very regrettable experience with I paid $80 to get a quick help with an essay, and the end product turned out to be so crappy I can’t even use it and have to write my own essay from scratch. I’ve asked the company for a refund, but have heard nothing from them. I also tried to log into my account to leave a review on their website, but they never sent me an email to reset my password, so I can’t log back in.


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