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During your search for the best custom essay writing service to help you complete your pending workloads, free up some time in your life, and to help you get the grades you deserve, you may have come across My Assignment Writing.

While the site looks like a professional service that can help you with your essay-writing needs, this is just the surface level, and you’ll need to dive deeper to see whether this is the service you’ve been looking for.

To help you make this decision, we’ve explored the ins and outs of the service, checking in with all the details to see whether the service is as professional as it first appears. Is My Assignment Writing legit and a reliable service, or is a scam and you need to look for an alternative? Let’s find out.


Using the services tab in the navigation bar at the top of the website, you can see exactly what services are available and whether the task you’re looking for can be completed. There are around 18 services in total. review

These cover all the basics from your standard essays, term papers, and coursework to book reviews, reaction papers, and assignments. There are multiple academic levels and deadline options to choose from. However, it’s worth noting that many other leading services offer in excess of 50+ services and may be more appropriate.


Upon searching the website, I was only able to find three testimonials on the entire site regarding the quality of the service. These were in a little box on the homepage since there is no dedicated review page to be found.

These reviews provide no real value or information about the website or the service, and there are no dates which mean they could be years old and now no longer relevant. Searching online also provides few reviews, which only states either how poor the site’s service is, or how infrequently it’s used.

Prices at My Assignment Writing

Using the pricing page of the website, you can figure out an accurate quote for how much your work is going to cost. There’s a simple form you can fill out. Here’s an example.

If you’re ordering an 8-page essay to a premium quality with a 3-day deadline, you can expect to pay in the region of $291AU. While is this not the most expensive service out there, it’s definitely not the cheapest. price table


However, it’s worth noting that there are several discount codes and coupons you can find throughout the site, especially if you’re a first-time Australian buyer, but you’ll need to look for them and login to use them.


The customer service you receive from your chosen service is also of the utmost importance, especially if you have a question, or need to make a refund. Here, you’ll find a toll-free AUS phone number and a single email address, but that’s it. There are no dedicated support lines for pre or post-sales, no physical address in Australia meaning some customers may feel left in the dark.

Some students claimed the quality of papers was lower than expected. The company is rather fresh and may not perform as well as reputable services.
  • Rating - 5.3/10


All in all, My Assignment Writing leaves a lot to be desired. With high prices, a lack of support options and unknowable content quality, I would advise students not taking the risk and trying a more established service, although there’s no reason to suggest this service wouldn’t provide the service you’re looking for. review – Rated 5.3/10

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