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Sample Assignment is an assignment writing service that aims to help Australian students get the best grades they can by providing them with pre-written essays.

The Services Offered offer a full range of writing services across all of the main stream subjects. They also offer to take online exams on behalf of clients. They can work at any academic level for AU students and claim to be fast and reliable.

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The Prices

You have to login and submit all of the details of your paper to get an exact price. There is no price list readily available. There is no mention of coupons or discount codes, meaning the prices here will be high.

They do offer rewrites if you’re not satisfied and you have the option to request a different writer do these. If you’re still not happy, you can request a refund.

The Quality

This site has a large list of samples for you to browse through. However, you only have access to the first few pages of the samples. To read them entirety, you are expected to pay for them. The one we looked at was $19. This is a scam in itself – no reliable site should ask you to pay for a sample. And what if these samples are being sold multiple times?

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Aside from this, a quick review of the available pages showed that the quality is low. The sample essay we looked at included no citations and it wasn’t written very well. It was labelled as college level, but honestly, it would struggle to get a high grade in high school due to the overly simple language and the constant need to state things as fact with no evidence provided to back it up.

The Support

There is an on-site chat facility where you can ask questions, however, it isn’t live chat. You will have to submit your questions and then wait for a response.

There is also a phone number and the option to do voice or video calls over Skype.

They share customer reviews on their site, but there’s no way to verify whether or not those reviews come from genuine Australian students or whether they are just written by the writers and attached to a stock photo.

Low quality writing, paid access to samples of work
  • Rating - 3.9/10


So, is Sample Assignment legit? While it’s unlikely to be an outright scam, as you can see from our review, you are not paying for a good quality essay – we recommend you choose an alternative service. review – Rated 3.9/10

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    These guys are a scammmmmmm put mild they take you money sample assesment my ass and give you nothing but shit ages after it should of been done and when u ask for tour money back they threten to report u for using there work

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    DO NOT USE SAMPLE ASSIGNMENTS. They returned assignments with answers copied directly from internet sources and unfinished questions. When evidence was sent they just kept saying it was completed and I should relax. They take no responsibility and are unprofessional. Very, very poor service and follow up. Do not use under any circumstance. It is a scam!

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    Sample assignments does NOT deliver what they advertise. They return unfinished, poor quality work that honestly wouldn’t pass in elementary school. If you question them or ask for any resubmission work they ignore your messages and do not respond. It is a regret that I ever used them.


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