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Grade On Fire is rated 9.3/10 which is better than most writing services of Australia.
Students highlight these positive sides of working with them:

PhD & MA writers available
best for dissertation, thesis and other complex projects
reasonable pricing
following AU academic requirements

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Grade On Fire are a custom writing service that offer legit academic essay writing for Australian students and students across the world. Where they differ from other services of the same kind is the level of customisation that they provide. You can select from a menu of services to find exactly what you are looking for and then you can select from the profiles of the writers who are available in a way that is much closer to a freelancer recruitment site than most of the essay writing services that are out there. It is a little more technical than other sites but it gives you unprecedented control over the quality of the work and the results that you get.


The services that GradeOnFire.com offer range from basic essay writing for undergraduate courses to dissertation writing for doctorates. Because of the unique set-up of GradeOnFire you can also find experts to help you with your essays for medical school, business management or any other uniquely specialised area of study.

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They offer a variety of other little bells and whistles like summaries, proofreading and plagiarism reports.


You can easily see the quality of the work that Grade On Fire do just by having a browse through the sample essays that they have made available online. You can search through the various writers that they employ by their profiles which track the number of projects that they have successfully completed, the level of qualifications that they have achieved and any other specialist knowledge such as their dissertation subject.

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this company is among top 5 writing services of Australia

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You can choose exactly the right writer to suit your requirements and that is a guarantee of quality provided you invest the time to go through all of the different options to find exactly what you want.


The prices on GradeOnFire.com vary a lot more widely than on a normal custom essay writing site but removing all of the optional extras leaves a price that is on par with most other services. Taking an undergraduate essay of ten pages and a deadline of two weeks as an example we get a total cost of about $195. The prices vary massively depending on the academic level and the length of time that you give them to work with and goes even further afield when you consider all of the other options.


There are coupons and discount codes that reduce the price of Grade on Fire’s services the more that you spend with them. They also offer you a 18% discount on your first order which should make a massive difference if you are taking them up on all of the optional extras that other sites just don’t offer.

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There is a basic level of support available with the standard pricing but if you are willing to spend a little extra you can have a personal case worker go through the process with you from start to finish, helping you identify the best writer for the job, acting as a constant line of communication so that your wishes are never forgotten and just generally poking the writer along in the direction that you want the work to go.


Because of the unique way that GradeOnFire.com operates it should be more difficult for them to guarantee quality in the writing that they produce. However, the ridiculously high bar that they have set for the writers that they employ removes that variance. I have never seen an essay coming from this company that would not pass an Australian grading board. If that wasn’t enough, they promise you a grade improvement over your average and guarantee that the work is plagiarism free and custom written especially for you.

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Users Review

There are hundreds of reviews on GradeOnFire and each individual writer has reviews attached to their work too. The majority of the work that they do is spread across North America and Europe but of the reviews relating to Australia every single one has been glowing.

Appropriate for any type of assignment
  • Rating - 9.3/10


If you have the time to find the right person for the job, there is no custom writing service that can accommodate your specific needs as well as GradeOnFire. I would highly recommend them for any tricky job.

Gradeonfire.com review – Rated 9.3/10

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    Can be used for big complex projects, part of my dissertation was written by this company

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    The company is not very well known, so they dedicate a lot of time to each order. I really liked their approach to my research paper, felt like I had my personal tutor, not just a writer!

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    service is extremely well targeted for masters and doctoral final papers

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    good thesis papers and dissertations

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    Have heard that it’s good for dissertation writing, so I made a risk to order my dissertation abstract (order #6532-1). It was all fine even though delivered close to deadline that made me worry a bit, but the abstract was exactly what I needed. Would recommend to a friend.


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