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The name ‘Australia Best Tutor’ really shows just how confident this academic writing service is in what it can deliver to Australian students. They claim that they offer 100% satisfaction on every piece they write, and as they’ve been working for 10 years now, they must be doing well for themselves. Can they live up to their name and give top service? This review will investigate.


AustraliaBestTutor work with both high school and university students, offering their services to a wide range of students. In their services list, they offer homework help to high school students, and assignment and dissertation writing services to university students. In addition, there’s offers of help with online tests and assignments. review


In these reviews, we try our best to try and find out just how well the site’s writers work. Usually, we do this by browsing their samples and assessing the quality of the writing. However, simply doesn’t have any available to read. This is a real problem, as any student who’s looking for a service to use just can’t tell if their writers are up to the task of writing within their subject.


Again, we have tried to get the prices for you the reader, using the scale of a 10 page paper that we normally use. However, again, there’s no obvious way of getting the prices, or at least an estimation. There is a form that allows you to tell Australia Best Tutor what you’re looking for, but it’s so badly put together that we couldn’t get a request through. Not having at least some idea of the prices available is a poor move on their part, as no student will want to go through the job of outlining the job before they even have an idea of how much they’ll have to pay. Also for your own information, it’s worth noting that there are no discount codes or coupons available that we can see.


If there’s one thing does well, it’s giving you means of support. They have a few different ways of getting in touch with the company. There’s an online form, a phone line, Skype support, email, and live chat. The site promises that you’ll have a reply within two hours.

Suspicious service with no proof of legitimacy
  • 1.9/10
    Rating - 1.9/10


So, does Australia Best Tutor live up to their name? Honestly, we can’t tell. The fact that we can’t see any testimonies from past customers, or even any samples of their work, is a serious concern. If they’ve been providing academic support for over 10 years, why don’t they have anything to show us their style? Thanks to this, and the lack of pricing available, it just doesn’t seem that they are legit in the slightest.

A better alternative, if you’re looking for someone to help you write your essay, is one of the top services. Staffed by highly qualified writers, they can help students in Australia with any issues they may have. They’re fairly priced, so you know that you’re getting good quality for a good price. review – Rated 1.9/10

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    Thanks for your review

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    I couldn’t proceed the order and after that found this review! thank you for sharing, but now I’m afraid about the billing details of my credit card

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    So I tried to place an order, the funny thing is that I had to fill the price by myself.. but whatever you type there, their guy will contact you to say that this kind of assignment costs more and you have to pay more. Then why don’t you just set the prices by yourself as a company? Also, how can you pay your writers if each customer will pay a different sum? This is totally suspicious.

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      Its all a bull shit
      they are making fool
      to people,i gave an assignment i got only pass marks and when i got back to them with marking to see if they can improve it
      They stopped replying,but when uask them to start a new assignment they reply quicky
      Bullshit they are just making

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    low quality writing, holy molly how I’m tired of this. must be some Indians again!


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