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Australian Help is rated 9.6/10 which is better than most writing services of Australia.
Students highlight these positive sides of working with them:

wide range of services
qualified and subject-targeted writers
affordable prices
following AU academic requirements

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AustralianHelp.com is known for providing an outstanding service for students. There’s plenty of Australian essay writing sites out there, so why should you go with one like Australian Help? In short, because the service they provide is top notch. This review will show you just why we’re considering them to be one of the best essay writing sites around.


As you’d expect from any essay writing service, there’s help with essay and assignment writing on offer. Australian Help will also assist with admissions essays, copywriting, rewrites, and much more. There’s proofreading and editing services too, so Aussie students can have their essays checked before they submit them. There’s lots on offer that could be of use to you.

Got interested in Australian Help?

this company is among top 5 writing services of Australia

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We put in some test orders with AustralianHelp, and we were pleased to see that the work they offered really was some of the best we’d seen.


Every essay we ordered was a brand new essay written just for us. The writing itself was excellent, and we know that these essays would fetch high grades at university. If you’ve been wondering ‘Is Australian Help legit?’, then here’s your answer.

The reviews on offer at their site are great too. Students from Australia are singing their praises, saying that their research, writing, and support are all fantastic.


If you’re looking for a bargain, you’re sure to get one at australianhelp.com. Prices start at just A$16.91 per page, making them one of the most affordable writing services out there. There’s a lot less reputable sites around who’d charge you a lot more.

australianhelp.com review

There’s plenty of discounts available too. If you become a repeat customer, you’ll get bigger discounts depending on how much you order with them. Once you’ve ordered over 100 pages with them, you’ll get a lifetime 15% off all your future orders. There’s also a discount code if you’re a new customer.


Need help with your writing? There’s lots of help on offer here. There’s an excellent grammar guide that will help you find that rule that you need to understand, or blogs on essay writing that can teach you a lot.

If you’ve ordered an essay, you can get in touch 24/7 via live chat. That means no matter what time of day it is, you can help with your order.

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Australianhelp.com want you to know that they care about you and your order. That means that they have guarantees in place to help you get the best quality. They guarantee that you’ll get an 100% original essay every time you order, and that if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Experienced Australia-based company
  • 9.6/10
    Rating - 9.6/10


It’s clear to see that Australian Help are the best when it comes to essays. If you need anything written, we’d recommend going to them. Their essays are well written, always on time, and always original in our experience. They’re one of our favourite essay writing sites, so give them a try if you need an essay written.

Australianhelp.com review – Rated 9.6/10

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    had many doubts and went through researching before ordering my mater’s dissertation at australianhelp.com

    my abstract dissertation chapter was really ok, so after receiving the first part I ordered the rest of it as well

    it’s actually a good company that stands for it’s customers

    52 pages of smooth work for me

    thank you

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    scanned my order in google plagiarism checker – it’s unique 💡

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    Much better and experienced than many other writing services in Australia.. Also plenty of sites are operated from India, while this one is actually Australian (easy to check if you call support by phone), just hear the voice and accent.

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    the company is based in Sydney

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    The discount offer at the bottom of the site is kind of annoying, but an overall website quality says about their professional approach to what they do.

    I will try it the next week for my upcoming case study.

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    Got some very well results for both of my orders. . . may be just a good writer but for now I like it

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    I received a really good paper. Wouldn’t trust other review sites. They are probably competitors.

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    9/10, would use again!


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