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Do My Essays has a real confidence in the work it delivers to students. They guarantee that all of their work is 100% plagiarism free, and that they’re well written and researched. When nearly all academic sites are promising the same things, what can Do My Essays do that they can’t? This review aims to find out what else they can bring to the party.


DoMyEssays seems to be able to cover any kind of academic writing you can think of. Among their list of services are essays, assignments, critical thinking papers, presentations, and research papers. They also offer some non academic services, such as book or movie reviews, business plans, and biographies. While these services may be of interest to non students, it does invite the worry that they’re stretching themselves too thin. review

Quality does have a range of samples available for you to browse through, which is something any student should look for when shopping around. However, the samples we read through did some issues with formatting. It seems like a trivial issue, but when your professor is marking your work, they can take marks off for poor formatting. It makes it hard to read, so of course no professor wants to deal with that. There are also reviews on the site from past customers, but we found that their testimonials didn’t provide enough detail to give an accurate view of their quality.


Do My Essays has a handy price calculator on their main page, which we used to price up a sample paper. For a 10 page essay, delivered within 7 days, it would cost $130 for a first or second year undergraduate, or $140 for a third or fourth year undergraduate. As far as we can see, there’s no discount codes or coupons available.


If customers need support, there are a few ways of getting in touch. There’s a live chat function, an email contact address, and phone lines you can call them on. Australian students are warned that they will be charged for using the phone lines, as they’re only free in the US and Canada.

Shady reviews and no signs of quality
  • Rating - 1.7/10


So, are as legit in their services as they say they are? Honestly? Not really. They offer samples and testimonials, but they don’t do much to assure potential customers that they know their stuff. The testimonials available are somewhat shallow, not telling the reader anything much past the fact that they love Do My Essay. The prices are fairly cheap, but any student looking for an essay writing service should remember that you get what you pay for. Why are they so cheap?

If you’ve decided to look for an alternative, we recommend to use only best rated companies. They’re a great option for students based in Australia or any other English speaking country. They’ll deliver a high quality essay for you, guaranteed to net you top grades and give you the breathing room you need. Give them a call and see how they can help you out. review – Rated 1.7/10

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    if you want to buy essays here, move along to another site

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    The prices are cheap because they don’t pay enough, therefore my assignment was poorly written (or copied?)


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