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Best Essays is rated 3.1 which is below average.
We recommend using one of the above top rated services instead.

Detected issues: poor referencing, average writing quality, history of complains from previous customers.

Best Essays bills itself as an authentic essay writing service, that pays its writers a realistic wage and provides its customers with high quality academic papers. With so many academic writing services out there, it’s a bold claim to make that they’re the most authentic. Does their experience make them one of the best services out there, or are they just more of the same? This review aims to find out.


BestEssays claims to offer a wide range of writing services for students and the wider community. They can cover essays, assignments, case studies, dissertations, and case studies as needed. They also cover admission writing, such as admissions essays, and resume writing and editing. They even offer proofreading and editing services.

bestessays.com.au review



Viewing the samples available on the site we can see some issues with referencing, as some texts were referenced incorrectly by their referencing systems. Also, when we tried to click on some of the examples, the link just took us back to the same website. There are reviews from previous customers, who have a lot of praise for the writers they worked with. As you’ll not have a choice of who will write for you, though, it kind of seems insignificant.


The bestessays.com.au website offers a price calculator, which is helpful if you’re shopping around looking for the best price for your assignment. We calculated for an essay that was due in 10 days, and was 10 pages long, and got a few prices back. For a standard paper, you would pay $199.90, for premium it would cost $229.90, and for platinum it costs $259.90. These prices are fairly standard across the board, for the academic writing industry. There are no coupons as such, but if you click the ‘I’m a new customer’ button on the price page, you’ll get discounts on all prices, starting at just under $50 for the standard essay.


If you need support, there are two ways to get in touch with Best Essays. They have a toll free number for both Australia and the US, and a live chat function on the site. Both are instant communication tools, which can be useful when you need them.

Bestessays.com.au review – Rated 3.1/10

4 thoughts on “Bestessays.com.au review – Rated 3.1/10

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    This service doesn’t help, please send me another one. Thank you.

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    I had a problem getting a refund from this website..

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    this is an old site, the newer services are now offering much better quality and prices

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    I had to edit the received work a lot before turning it in


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